Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Demo Sketches

These sketches were for another in-class demo. I plan to take these (or at least one) of them further. With all the darkness around, I think doing a more brighter and optimistic painting would be a nice change of pace.


Matt Scheuerman said...

The first sketch has so much depth and interesting shapes. Would personally love to see that go further.

Yet again, you never cease to amaze and teach. Awesome work.

Eric Chiang said...

cant go wrong with orange and green. Love it

jabraniho said...

i love the first image!
likey likey
very much.


Alina Chau said...

beautiful sketches!

Ang said...

Dude, freaking hot. I loveeee the first one! How was your thanksgiving?!

Ben Mauro said...

Really diggin' all the recent stuff! look forward to more.

Eric Chiang said...

dude I just noticed the balloon....wheres the rim light? lol