Thursday, October 2, 2008

Entertainment Theme Park Concept Art

Hi Everyone,
Recently I had the pleasure to work on some concept art for GGE (Gary Goddard Entertainment). These are concepts I worked on for a theme park which would be in S. Korea. These were really fun to do and worked under a great designer, Robert Delapp.
The top is for a 'mech war' 4d show...that was fun to do. The lower images are for various areas of the park and attractions.
Thanks for looking,


jabraniho said...

nice work james!
i want that robot figthing painting
that you have it on your house!
maybe you can give it to me
for b day present!


cdeboda said...

Wow, amazing work here!

Simon Scales said...

Hey James - really cool stuff - love the scene you have set in the fist piece - awesome stuff mate

Jason Scheier said...

Very Nice!

jpforjohnpark said...

wow james hyoung, just pure awesomeness..


ps. i still need an autograph print out from you. =)

Josh Kao said...

this blog is amazing

Mike said...

You are really kicking some ass james!!!

gaohui said...

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david theming works said...

Great compilation of draft.
The creativity and innovation in the design of theme parks.