Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CDA Week 3 Demo

The week 3 demo was concentrating taking a simple composition and adding more sub-layers to them and introducing a full value range. Lighting and texture application was also introduced at this time.
Thanks for looking


jabraniho said...

nice one james!
i like top image alot =)
its like me, albert and tyler playing
counter strike in james's dream world!
probably tyler is camping out some where!


Jon Russell said...

man i want to do stuff like this!

Eric "CIRE" Chiang said...

all foreground characters must have walking sticks...lol. Awesome shapes and lighting in both.

Yohann Schepacz said...

Do you take any more apprentice master ? I m a young french padawan craving to learn more about both sides of the Art Force.

Scott Altmann said...

Damn- wish I was on the West Coast, I would certainly check these classes out. Top image is awesome already. DVD in the future?

James Paick said...
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James Paick said...

Hey guys,
thanks for the comments everyone.
-jung...dont make me do a knife kill on you =)

-yohann... im sorry but currently i dont do any aprenticeships. but thanks for asking.

-scott..thanks! i think there might be a chance of my demos going online through concept design academy. follow the site for updates.

jpforjohnpark said...

"O" "m" "g" super sexy environment concepts! Hey james hyoung are you teaching next term as well? I need to learn from you.

James Paick said...

hey John...hahah thanks for the sexy comment!!! thats for me right?
anyways, i'm not sure yet on whats going on for next term. I will teach there as long as Kevin is wanting me to....
you should tell him to keep me =]