Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Enrollmenet - Concept Design Academy **update

Hey Everyone,
Just a heads up that the Fall Enrollment for Concept Design Academy is now!
Sign up today....
Great classes are being offered. My Environment Design class will be on Monday evenings from 730-1030.
Thanks all,


Jon Mendez said...

Hey, James. Been a strong admirer of your artwork for a while. Awesome stuff, dude.

I was extremely excited to learn about your teaching the Environment Design class at Concept Design Academy and was wondering how often you teach it or is this a one time deal? Hopefully I can make it down there for this term if you don't regularly teach there.

Have a good one, mang.


jpforjohnpark said...

Hey James, im your biggest fanboy! haha . I want to take your class! hopefully i'll have time on mondays.

perhaps we can get more pho the next time my brother comes down here.



James Paick said...

hey guys...
Jon mendez,
this is the first class i'll be teaching and hopefully it will continue on.

of course man..lets go get some PHO!
it'll be great to have you in the class...not sure if i can contribute anything to you though. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi James

I wish I knew the dates for the workshops earlier as I would have loved to attend.
I feel an enviro workshop will help further my abilities, understanding and technique, if they become a regular workshop I'll have to book a flight and come over.
Its a shame that we dont have anything similar in the UK.

Thanks for the inspiring work, good luck with the workshop and I'm positive it'll be a big hit.



Brian said...

I'm your number one fan James! Can you do a painting on my arm? :) Hey man, congrats on the class! Be nice now. :P Thanks for dinner, I'll have to take you out next time.


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