Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Concept Design Academy

Hello All,
I am happy to say that I will be teaching an environment concept design class at the new Concept Design Academy (information can be found on my link section). The class will be for the Fall term starting in Oct.
Thanks for looking,


Tom Scholes said...


Tim Ridley said...

It was a pleasure meeting you on Monday, James. I wish I could take your class but I have to head back to Sacramento >__<. Good luck with Enviro Design next semester!

Matt Scheuerman said...

Really wish I could attend this but I live in Arizona. This is my #1 "wish I could attend" event. Keep up the good work and cant wait to see what your students come up with.

jpforjohnpark said...

Hey wassup james hyoung! Yah for sure man, my brother is coming down this coming weekend, we'll meet up. Gotta play poker with you guys, neways hope everythings going well, see you later.

my email jpforjohnpark@aim.com

man i wanna sit in your class!

Stephen Chang said...

This is really great James! Congrats!!!

Lara said...

Hi James!

I just saw now your works on conceptart.org and I just LOVE IT!
I'm just a teenage girl who love concept art and stuff like that, and I would love to learn to do works like yours! Do you have any tips for me, or something?

If you have an opportunity, I would be pleased to receive an answer yours!

Greetz =)

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Glad I found your blog. These environments are Badass.

If Im short on inspiration I know where to come :) Now im off to paint ;)