Friday, December 21, 2007

Big Barbarian Guy

Here is a character.  Yes, a character.  I tried.  Thanks to John, Doug, Johnson and Jerad for the input.  


Mike said...

wow...your works are stunning, you are a landmark for me, thank you for sharing

shadow said...

This is stunning!

Huge thanks for sharing this with us, it's given me a lot of insperation for my work, being a level designer that is.

Mongsub Song said...

James... these are trully awesome.. deng deng fantastic...... ~!!!! ^^

trevor said...

sweet work man
we should get together for a drawin session some time
( im in long beach) do you think you would be willing to give me a few enviro tips? hahaha
i suck at em! keep it up man

Anonymous said...

Great work. I've put a image on my blog ( If you don't want I will remove it. Just say.